Our first blog!


In 2015, we had this crazy idea: Let’s move to the country and start a farm. A beautiful property in the quiet little town of Eastford was on the market, and its potential was boundless. Sure, it meant an hour-long commute each day for each of us to get to our day jobs, but think of the possibilities! We took the plunge, and haven’t regretted it since!

In just a couple short years, our flock of chickens and our herd of cashmere goats have both doubled. We’re preparing for our second breeding season after a successful first kidding this past spring, and we’re readying the property for additional pasture space and some new challenges to come. The work is serious and difficult, but the joy is indescribable.

Thank you for visiting our brand-new Web site, and for following along as we continue in this crazy adventure!

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