Now Available: Cashmere and Cashmere-Blend Roving!

The day is finally here! Hidden Brook is proud to offer our own 100% Connecticut Grown cashmere roving and cashmere blends.


Our cashmere was hand-combed from our herd in Eastford, Conn., and processed locally at Still River Mill — one of the best cashmere mills in the country. Snow white and soft as a cloud, it’s a handspinner’s dream, just waiting for your wheel or spindle. $28 per ounce.


We’re also proud to offer two beautiful blended rovings. Our 50/50 cashmere silk blend is processed out of our brown cashmere, combed from STON Abbey, CSM Mawagna (aka Patch) and CSM Chimphongo (aka King). $20 per ounce.


Looking for something a little more versatile? Our 70/30 organic merino/cashmere blend gives you all the softness with the added memory and strength merino wool. $15 per ounce.

And if you want to bring a little llama into your life, we have a charcoal-color 70/30 llama/merino blend roving straight off of our herd guardian, Annie, for $7 per ounce.

Quantities are limited. Please contact the farm for more info!

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