CFC Beethoven

Good things come in small packages — and we’re expecting very good things from this little guy! By CSM Wangoli (aka Knight) and out of CSM Starr, CFC Beethoven is one of three up-and-coming 2020 bucks here at Hidden Brook Farm — and there’s a powerhouse of genetics behind this medium-framed blue-eyed boy that we … More CFC Beethoven

HBF Thor

Big, strong, and beautiful — we named him HBF Thor for a reason! By our senior herdsire, EMW Aeros, and out of our beloved STON Belinde, we are very excited for how this 2020 buck is developing. Strong boned and with exceptional cover and yield, Thor’s first fleece tested at 15.1 microns with a CRV … More HBF Thor

HBF Loki

One of our three up-and-coming 2020 bucks, HBF Loki is a looker! By our senior herdsire, EMW Aeros, and out of our beloved STON Belinde, Loki’s long guard hair and multi-blonde coloration is unique in our herd, and he’s just the sweetest, most outgoing stinker you’ll ever want to meet. Loki is large boned with … More HBF Loki

CSM Copper

CSM Copper, also known as Bandit, produced the Cashmere Goat Association’s 2019 Reserve Grand Champion fleece in Tunbridge, evaluating at 14.2 microns with excellent style. Bandit is a 2017 buck, by CSM Usiku and out of CSM Tiyeni, and is medium framed and sports badger coloration. Bandit is a proven sire and is registered with … More CSM Copper

CSM Cyril

CSM Cyril is long and lovely, from his handsome guard hair to his flat topline. He’s an in-your-face kind of guy — he loves attention from people and is a perfect gentleman on a lead line. Cyril is registered with the Cashmere Goat Association and was evaluated at a low micron with excellent style during … More CSM Cyril

HBF Sonny

Offering the best of both his sire and his dam, our up-and-coming junior herdsire, HBF Sonny couples a sweet disposition with exceptional fiber quality. And if you’re looking to add size, bone, and width to your herd, this boy is for you! By our senior herdsire, EMW Aeros, and out of our beloved herd queen, … More HBF Sonny

CSM Wangoli

Meet CSM Wangoli, also known as Knight, the Cashmere Goat Association’s 2019 Best in Show Fleece and 2019 Grand Champion Buck. By CSM Tamanda and out of CSM Umboni, Knight is a medium-framed buck who offers exceptional cashmere quality and yield, with fiber evaluations coming in at less than 15 microns and with excellent style. … More CSM Wangoli

Now Available: Cashmere and Cashmere-Blend Roving!

The day is finally here! Hidden Brook is proud to offer our own 100% Connecticut Grown cashmere roving and cashmere blends. Our cashmere was hand-combed from our herd in Eastford, Conn., and processed locally at Still River Mill — one of the best cashmere mills in the country. Snow white and soft as a cloud, … More Now Available: Cashmere and Cashmere-Blend Roving!

Our 2018 Additions

We welcomed five new cashmere kids to the farm in Spring 2018! First came triplet doelings — HBF Piper, HBF Phoebe and HBF Paige — out of our herd queen, STON Belinde, by our handsome buck, EMW Aeros. Our goal with this pairing was to try to develop Belinde’s beautiful coloration, and we were not … More Our 2018 Additions