Our 2018 Additions

We welcomed five new cashmere kids to the farm in Spring 2018!

First came triplet doelings — HBF Piper, HBF Phoebe and HBF Paige — out of our herd queen, STON Belinde, by our handsome buck, EMW Aeros. Our goal with this pairing was to try to develop Belinde’s beautiful coloration, and we were not disappointed!

Less than 24 hours later, STON Abbey delivered twins, a buckling and a doeling, also by Aeros. While the buckling — HBF Orion, now wethered — is the spitting image of his father, the doeling — HBF Athena — has developed light tan markings as she has grown over the last several weeks, and we’re excited to see if they both age into additional coloration or markings.

We are retaining all of this year’s kids as we continue to grow our herd and develop our breeding program. But we are very excited and encouraged by stellar results from our new buck, and will likely be bringing him to Tunbridge to show this year as a three year old.

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